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AWS Cognito Get User Attribute Verification Code

Gets the user attribute verification code for the specified attribute name.

AWS Cognito Verify User Attribute

Verifies the specified user attributes in the user pool.

AWS Directory Service Verify Trust

AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory allows you to configure and verify trust relationships.

AWS Simple Email Service Get Identity Verification Attributes

Given a list of identities (email addresses and/or domains), returns the verification status and (for domain identities) the verification token for each identity.

AWS Simple Email Service Verify Domain Dkim

Returns a set of DKIM tokens for a domain.

Gmail Send Verification Email

Sends a verification email to the specified send-as alias address. The verification status must be pending. This method is only available to service account clients that have been delegated domain-wide authority.

Google Play Verify Token

Verifies the auth token provided with this request is for the application with the specified ID, and returns the ID of the player it was granted for.

Lykke Get API Emailverification

Get api emailverification.

Lykke Add API Emailverification

Add api emailverification.

Lykke Get API Signatureverificationtoken Keyconfirmation

Get api signatureverificationtoken keyconfirmation.

Lykke Add API Signatureverificationtoken Keyconfirmation

Add api signatureverificationtoken keyconfirmation.

Mattermost Verify user email

Verify the email used by a user to sign-up their account with. ##### Permissions No permissions required.

Mattermost Send verification email

Send an email with a verification link to a user that has an email matching the one in the request body. This endpoint will return success even if the email does not match any users on the system. ##### Permissions No permissions required.

Plentymarkets Verify listing markets

Verifies the listing markets.

Rebilly Verify

Verify an authentication token

SendGrid Add Senders Sender Resend Verification

**This enpdoint allows you to resend a sender identity verification email.** Sender Identities are required to be verified before use. If your domain has been whitelabeled it will auto verify on creation. Otherwise an email will be sent to the `f...

Steem verify_account_authority


Steem verify_account_authority


Stripe Add Sources Source Verify

Post Sources, Source, Verify

Stripe Add Sources Source Verify

Post Sources, Source, Verify

Stripe Add Sources Source Verify

Post Sources, Source, Verify

Taxamo Verify SMS Token

Verify sms token.

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